Gabrielle Union’s Skin Care Routine

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In this post, we’ll take a look at Gabrielle Union and her public statements about her skincare routine and products that she likes the most!

After posting about Majorie Harvey’s skincare routine we started getting some questions about other celebrity skincare routines and products that they like.

Gabrielle Union Skincare: She Loves Luzern

“Obsessed” was the word she used to describe her passion for Luzern’s skincare line. Combined with her recommendation to use Julie Hewett oil overnight and Mirigal oil during the day. She applies it after her facial cleanser and before her makeup.

Luzern Laboratories Top Products:

But Gabby Isn’t Only A Luzern Fan, She Also Loves Neutrogena!

Union was actually a paid spokeswoman of Neutrogena products for roughly a decade. But even after that financial arrangement ended, she still speaks highly of them, which says quite a bit about how much she still appreciates and supports their product line. Even without getting paid she’s publicly stated that at a time when visiting a dermatologist is so expensive, “…neutrogena has made it affordable to be healthy.” Back in 2016, in an interview, she mentioned her love of the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial scrub and cleanser. In the same interview, she also mentions using Mario Badescu toner and Mario Badescu Nourishing Oil.

Gabby Union Advocates For Sunscreen Use

Gabby has also spoken out against the common misconception that just because black women have increased defense from the sun due to the melanin in their skin, doesn’t mean that sunblock isn’t a must for skincare. One of the troubling aspects of using sunscreen when you have darker skin: lower quality sunblocks have a tendency of still being visible even when fully rubbed in. Our recommendation, if you’re interested in following Union’s advice, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter sunblock is a great choice for darker skin tones.

The Real “Secret” Of Gabrielle Union’s Skincare Routine? Lots of Water!

In an separate interview, Gabrielle attested that her diet consists of a gallon of water everyday, and when she’s ‘dieting hardcore’ or getting ready for a new role, she can drink as much as two gallons of water in a day. Our Tip: Buying bottled water can get pricy if you’re aiming for a gallon per day, however, a water filtering pitcher can provide a steady supply of pure water for a fraction of the price!

But What About Gabrielle Union’s Makeup?

When it comes to taking personal care, for Gabrielle Union, makeup is no exception. In an interview with a Houston based publication, she gives several product recommendations, including:

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