RenuvaDerm Review: Is RenuvaDerm A Scam?

RenuvaDerm is a brand/product line that that is owned by a company called Nexgen Biolabs. It is somewhat difficult to find out much information about RenuvaDerm. RenuvaDerm itself does not have a web presence specifically for the product line. Instead, it relies on the Nexgen Biolabs’ website and social media presences. The company website itself lacks an “About Us” page. Their social media accounts (at the time of this review) have been dormant since their last posts on May 12, 2016. Their website blog has also been inactive since October 19, 2015.

However, we have done some digging to find out more about the RenuvaDerm product line and the company that produces it. Our research indicates that Josh Carlucci is the President and CEO, with Eric Jones acting as a company manager (since their corporate amendment on April 17, 2015).

RenuvaDerm Products & Additional Products From Nexgen Biolabs:

  • Renuvaderm (pill form)
  • RenuvaDerm Eye
  • RenuvaDerm (Anti-Aging) Serum
  • Phytoderm
  • Propidol Hair Growth Shampoo
  • Oculift
  • AdderRX

Renuvaderm Review: Why So Mixed?

The problem with the skincare industry (and others) often deals with transparency, particularly when it comes to marketing claims on the internet. Renuvaderm (and Nexgen Biolabs) offer upwards of 25% of the purchase price that consumers buy from affiliate links. Seeing the dollar signs, online marketers set up websites to target people on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and other major sites to lure them in with a promise of reversing wrinkles with REVOLUTIONARY NEW TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGHS.

These promises and marketing efforts work, just as they have worked for decades. People buy into the “free trial” that automatically charges your charge after 15 and sets up automatic shipping monthly. Because who honestly reads the fine print? (Hint: You should).

When you go to Nexgen Biolabs’ website, you can find the full range of their products, each of which has at least an average review score of 4.5 out of 5. Which is great, if you don’t consider the massive number of consumer complaints. Also, what website honestly thinks that this graphic would be representative of 4.5 stars? We’ve enlarged the image for you, as it is difficult to see the small amount of white space that 5th star uses:

Sneaky sneaky.

There are far too many major red flags when it comes to the Renuvaderm product line for us to recommend it in good conscious.

RenuvaDerm’s Major Red Flags:

  • Only major search results for the RenuvaDerm product line consists of marketing (affiliate marketers) or “” the Better Business Bureau (which gives the brand an F rating).
  • Overwhelming positive reviews for this product on the Nextgen Biolabs site (lowest is a 4.5)
  • Middling reviews on products from when they were available on Amazon. (Which you can read here and here.
  • Fake Facebook reviews on parent company page.
  • Inactive social media accounts.
  • Overall lack of transparency.

RenuvaDerm Facebook Reviews

Typically, we like to avoid accusing brands or businesses of having fake reviews on social media pages (especially Facebook or Google). However, when researching this company, some questionable reviewers simply did not look credible. A few examples are below:

RenuvaDerm: Scam Or Legitimate?

In an attempt to be as unbiased as possible, we try to avoid outright labeling brands, companies, or products as scams. Coincidentally, this helps keep us from being sued and keeps our website up and running. Instead of point-blank saying “RenuvaDerm scam” we always prefer to line up questions, facts, observations, and other details and let our readers decide for themselves.

Here’s what we know about RenuvaDerm:

  • There are quite a few complaints about them on the BBB and Pissed Consumer websites that mention the auto shipping and auto billing policies. The BBB has given them an F.
  • Their current Facebook banner suggests that if you like their page, they will give you a 50% discount on their products.
  • Filed a lawsuit against the President for manipulating the reviews system and sought to ban them from selling products on Amazon, open any Amazon accounts, or even accessing Amazon’s services “in any manner whatsoever.” Or even assisting any other person or business from doing any of the previously mentioned things. Read the lawsuit here.
  • News coverage concerning other products the company makes suggests that they have questionable ingredients. (Read here).
  • The products from Nexgen Biolabs are no longer available on Amazon. However, they are available from Walmart’s website. The products listed there have overwhelmingly positive reviews, similar to their website.

While we cannot say that this company, its products, or practices lead up to one large RenuvaDerm scam, we would encourage consumers to use caution when thinking about purchasing these products.

What Do You Think About RenuvaDerm?

While our team has done our best to investigate RenuvaDerm, we are always looking for other opinions. Have you had experience with RenuvaDerm, Nexgen Biolabs, RenuvaDerm Eye, or RenuvaDerm anti-aging serum? Let us know in the comments below!

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