Steve Harvey Skin Care Routine: What Does Steve Recommend For Skin?

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Steve Harvey has been in the public eye for decades, so keeping track of his skin care product recommendations is a bit of a daunting task. Our research has discovered that he has recommended the following skin care products as part of a skincare routine for men. Each of these link to Amazon (if you purchase through our link, we receive a small commission to help keep our site running). Also, the ladies, Marjorie Harvey’s skincare routine is also helpful!.


Steve Harvey’s Skin Care Products:

Steve Harvey On Social Media

Steve Harvey is a very outspoken individual on a wide variety of topics. Not only has he authored several books on relationships, but because of the massive amount of airtime that he gets on his show, if there’s something to have an opinion about, Steve probably has already talked about it. Not only that, but Steve has an immense social media following with over 3.1 million subscribers on YouTube, over 8.5 Million followers on Facebook, and over 5 million followers on Instagram. If you consider the estimates of his YouTube earnings alone (from SocialBlade), he earns up to an estimated $21.9k per day from the platform (however, this figure is more likely lower).

Other Interesting Things To Know About Steve Harvey:

    • Did You Know Steve Harvey’s childhood nickname was “Va-Va-Voom”?

      It was because of his stutter. Children can be so cruel.

    • Steve And Marjorie’s song is “Adore” by Prince

      During a quick interview, Steve also mentioned his love of the band Earth, Wind, and Fire.

  • Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe 2015 Debacle Didn’t Hurt Him In The Long Run

    Steve managed to make good on the error, apologizing to the public repeatedly, and even appeared in a Superbowl commercial referencing his mistake. What a genius way to turn a mea culpa into a bit of extra income!

  • Steve Harvey has 5 dogs!

    For some, 5 dogs might seem like a lot, but its pretty clear that Steve loves his pets. A memorable pet moment includes appearing with one, “Chocolate” on his show during a segment with a pet psychic.

  • He hosts a Soul Music Festival

    The Steve Harvey Sand And Soul Festival (Music Festival) happens in Fall and is hosted in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. If you’re a fan of sunshine and soul music, it sounds incredibly fun.

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