Veer Foundation Reviews: Is Veer Cosmetics A Scam?

If you are someone who frequents makeup enthusiast circles online, like beauty blogs, Instagram muas, and Youtubers, the chances are that you have come across a video showing women drawing on their face with a sharpie and then covering it up.

If you are like any of the hundreds of people watching these videos, you are probably wondering what the fuss is all about, and why they are doing it in the first place? What good does one get when they draw on their face with a marker?

This popular trend of videos started in response to one brand of cosmetics that set out with a rather bold claim. Veer Cosmetics, who debuted their foundation sometime in 2017, claimed to provide such superior coverage that it could even conceal a sharpie.

This unusual marketing tactic was indeed novel, and presumably generated a lot of sales for the company. After all, if a foundation can work well enough to conceal permanent marker ink entirely, it ought to work well enough to conceal blemishes and other imperfections.

Veer Cosemetics Products

Veer Cosmetics, to the best of our research, has released one flagship product, their liquid foundation, but offers an cross-sell with JuicyLipz, a plumping product. Capitalizing on the desires of women to find the “latest and greatest” in the world of makeup, they managed to captivate a wide audience and enroll many makeup aficionados into an offer for a free sample.

Veer Cosmetics: What’s The Catch?

The bold marketing campaign in addition to a free sample offer combined to be an impressive call to action for many people. However, upon closer examination, some serious red flags begin to pop up and should give anyone pause.

The contradicting reviews, perpetual “limited supply” advertised on their website, an extraordinary number of negative feedback on and the Better Business Bureau websites, combined with reports from bloggers about misappropriated intellectual content, all collectively spell out potential disaster.

Seen Above: Veer Cosmetics seems to have a supply chain issue daily.

Veer Foundation: Scam?

As with all products someone plans on purchasing on the internet, due diligence is needed to protect yourself from being scammed. Testimonials are one of the best ways in which one can figure out whether or not the brand that they are thinking of going in for is worth it or not. However, savvy consumers should be very wary of reviews created by marketers to boost perceptions of products.

This concern is particularly elevated when a social media advertising campaign bi-passes sites that prominently report consumer reviews and send people directly to landing pages controlled by the company or it’s marketing affiliates. Using this method allows a marketer to circumvent consumers trying to warn each other about inferior products.

But What About The Proof?

One of the first things that people will notice about their marketing campaigns are the before and after pictures, coupled with these infamous sharpie videos. There are bold claims made by bloggers in the beauty space which are less than flattering. Sissy of, commenters on Beautylish, and others have outright accused Veer Cosmetics of fraud and theft of intellectual property. Sissy goes as far to identify the source of before and after photos and identifying some that were used in other marketing campaigns by other brands.

Even if the before and after photos look good, with each model having skin that appears smoother and blemish-free after using a product – that certainly doesn’t mean Veer made the product. Overall, the Veer company is a helpful reminder that using Google image search to verify before and after photos can be helpful (even if you can’t tell if they’re photoshopped).

The Truth About Free Veer Foundation

One of the things that the brand has been doing ever since the beginning of their marketing plans was offering a free bottle of foundation as a trial. While free samples are common in the cosmetics world, the “just pay shipping” model of sales is not.

Customers all over the world have noted that trying to put in your credit card details only for the free foundation leads you down a cross-selling and upselling funnel for more Veer products or other cosmetics.

Beyond the annoyance of having your time wasted, there are reports of buyers who have been billed again for additional products and have had a difficult time getting their money back and cancelling the subscription (which was not well articulated in the original offer).

It appears that this is yet another case of “no-free lunch.” We do not recommend the Veer Cosmetics brand due to the host of issues associated with their marketing and customer service campaigns alone. Quality of the foundation almost appears as the least important thing when dealing with this company.

Pores, Anti-Aging, & Veer Cosmetics Foundation

Something important to note with the Veer Cosmetics company, is any claims of anti-aging properties are certainly not evaluated by the FDA. That’s simply because a makeup foundation is not the end-all-be-all of keeping your skin looking young.

When you’re evaluating a product for your own use to reduce wrinkles or discoloration, always carefully investigate the ingredients. In the case of the Veer foundation, ingredients in them are very difficult to discover. And in our experience, if a brand has something to hide, they either have:

  • Found something so technologically advanced that it can be described as makeup from an alien civilization.
  • Aren’t particularly proud of the ingredients.

Which do you think this foundation falls under?

What is more troubling is the claim that this foundation reduces pores. Our research, however, indicates that there are dozens of reviews from buyers which suggest that this foundation made the visibility of pores more pronounced than before, thereby defeating the claim that they were making.

Conclusion: Just Avoid Veer Cosmetics

Overall, there are many inconsistencies with the claims that this brand is making, which is why customers should be wary of the products that they are purchasing. Of course, there is always the factor that this is a product that can work for some, and not necessarily everyone, which is what the brand seems to now be banking on.

Reading Veer Cosmetics review pages of customers who have tried these products is one of the best ways to determine whether or not you want to go in for this product and whether or not this is something that is worth the risk.

If you’ve had experience with the Veer Cosmetics brand, please leave a comment below to let us know what you think. Did we miss anything? Are there other brands like Veer out there?

10 thoughts on “Veer Foundation Reviews: Is Veer Cosmetics A Scam?”

  1. I have been using Veer foundation for over 5 years now and don’t want to switch to something else. I do agree that if you’re looking for a foundation that covers birth marks or some discoloration, it probably doesn’t do as claimed but as far as being one of the best covering foundations I have ever purchased, at a very affordable price…you can’t find anything better as far as I am concerned. I haven’t had any trouble getting an exchange of a color when I received the wrong shade a couple of years ago. I am getting ready to order more and usually get my 3 bottles at once for a very fair price compared to paying $$$$ more for a name brand and over the years, I have tried them all. I just happen to see this editorial on a Scam so thought I’d read it through and since I’ve not had any of the issues that I am reading about…..I wanted to chime in since I am a very happy client.

  2. Same false advertising of complete coverage, as the foundations that come with the “mushroom head” sponge applicators. NO COVERAGE at all!! same models, same lies!

  3. I bought Veer foundation and the primer. I really liked the primer. It felt like silk going on. Did not like the foundation much. Didn’t cover and I had to use a lot more than their 3 drops. Color wasn’t the greatest. It did not cover pores and settled into the fine lines on my forehead and chin. I would buy the primer again, but not through Veer. Their billing also came across as another company. I contacted what I thought was Veer and it ended up being a practice site for supposedly for a mid-term project. It has been taken down.

    • This company is a scam. This company is putting unauthorized charges on your credit cards!! Will not return phone calls nor emails & will lie about sending you your refund or product!! Do not buy from this company!!!

  4. purchased three colors of the Veer foundation. Nude, Beige, Natraul. Love the consistency but saw no change in the advertised claims of covering wrinkles and eye bags,

    • Placed my order on 12/7/19. and it has been charged to my credit car. Still waiting for it and cannot find a way to contact them!!! How long did you wait to get it?

      • Sorry you have been scammed! 1-8/2020 to May 6,2020 I have been trying to get my refund.Veer Cosmetics put unauthorized charges on my credit card. Will not rerun my phone calls nor emails. & if you do speak to someone they will lie to you about refunding or sending product, Do not buy from this company!’

  5. I ordered Veer foundation the first of January and still have not received it. I have sent several emails & left a phone message. They respond a couple of times through email saying my order has shipped. It doesn’t take 2 months for other things ordered on line to arrive. I will never order from this company again. Who knows if I will ever receive a refund.


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