How Much Does Botox Cost?

While I was doing some work for a dermatology office, it seemed as though there was a never-ending stream of people (both men and women) who were interested in the possibility of Botox injections, but were put off due to the lack of transparency in pricing. Even after doing the research and finding answers to preliminary questions (like what is botox? or picking a side in the rivalry between botox vs. Dysport) it’s difficult to find a straight answer to the question “how much does Botox cost?” In an attempt to save you, our dear reader, the effort of researching, we’ve compiled the following data from several dozen dermatology practices across the country.

How Does Botox Pricing Work?

First, however, it is important to understand the different types of pricing that dermatology practices offer for botox. Naturally, the choice of how to charge is dependent upon the dermatologist. However, it is very common to charge per “unit” of botox. Typically, a single vial of Botox contains either 50 or 100 units, and the skin care professional must dilute it to match the application. For forehead lines (also known as glabellar lines) typically require fewer units than treating crows feet (also known as lateral canthal lines). Thus, the price of botox can be a fixed price or priced per unit.

Botox Price Per Unit

The price per unit of Botox depends upon the healthcare professional, the facility they work from, and even the location of the medical practice. Further, the overall cost of receiving a botox treatment depends upon the patient’s needs. The area to be treated, gender, muscle mass, ethnicity, and skin thickness. Some practices even offer the choice, have a doctor or plastic surgeon apply the botox treatment or have a nurse practitioner perform the injections for a reduced price per unit. The lowest cost per unit that our research found was $8.35. The highest prices we discovered were in some Los Angeles and New York luxury clinics at over $20 per unit. Patients typically should budget $200 on the low end to $600 per treatment. However, treatments can be had at plenty of clinics for under $200.

Botox Price Considerations: Skill Is Important

It may be wise fiscally to choose the most frugal option and opt for a Groupon deal at a sketchy clinic on the questionable side of town. However, due to the risk of error from lack of experience, which could leave you with a perpetually surprised look for a few months, it’s important to opt for a practitioner with years of treating patients and a portfolio of successful outcomes. You owe it to yourself to not skimp on paying for an experienced practitioner to save a few bucks.

Concluding Thoughts About Botox Pricing

Regardless of your location in the country or your experience with Botox injections, budgeting properly is the key to making botox treatments affordable. As a cosmetic procedure, Botox is typically not covered under insurance for cosmetic purposes. However, if you are seeking Botox injections as a treatment for chronic headaches, many insurance companies will cover part or all of the cost. Be sure to check with your insurance provider and healthcare provider to ensure you’re not missing out on any savings!

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