Kyani Review – Kyani: Scam Or Opportunity?

Is Kyäni a scam or a legitimate opportunity for motivated individuals passionate about health and fitness? This Kyani review, (in an attempt to be among the best Kyani reviews), delves into the products of Kyäni, the pros and cons of Kyäni, as well as the history behind the business.

What is Kyani?

Kyäni is an Idaho-based health and wellness supplement business founded in 2005 by Kirk Hansen, Dick Powell, and Carl Taylor. They carry the four following health and vitamin supplements:

  • Kyäni Sunrise
  • Kyäni Sunset
  • Kyäni Nitro FX
  • Kyäni Xtreme

Kyäni Sunrise is a liquid nutrient supplement made of 22 superfoods, with its primary ingredient being wild Alaskan blueberries. Whether or not wild Alaskan blueberries are more special than normal blueberries terms of nutrient content is up for debate. Kyäni Sunrise is supposed to increase energy levels throughout the day, hence its name sunrise.

Kyäni Sunset is a liquid omega 3 and vitamin E supplement made from wild Alaskan fish and wild Alaskan sockeye salmon (the first type of wild Alaskan fish isn’t specified directly on their website). The supplement also contains annatto bush seed, supposedly said to help make the tocotrienels in Kyani Sunset more absorbable.

Kyäni Nitro FX and Kyäni Xtreme are both supplements claimed to fight pathogens and increase endurance; they are marketed in particular towards individuals passionate about fitness and students.

What is the Price of Kyäni Products?

The distributor price of Kyäni Sunrise and Kyäni sunset is $35.95 and the retail price is $43.95. Price for Kyäni Nitro is $59.95 for distributors and $65.95 retail. Kyäni Xtreme is $69.95 for distributors and $79.95 if you buy retail. Not cheap. If Kyäni isn’t as incredible as it claims to be, it might be easier on your wallet to just buy wild-caught salmon from the store and eat it with a home-made blueberry salad. A valid complaint that is common among many individuals who have written a Kyani review.

Reviews as to the efficacy of the supplements are mixed. Some reviewers report feeling amazing, others report no difference at all. There isn’t much research to back up the amazing health benefits Kyäni supplements claim to have. Because of the lack of studies and the possibility of a placebo effect, it is debatable whether or not the supplements are the virtual miracle they claim to be.

How Does Kyäni Work?

As a business, Kyani makes money two ways: they train their distributors to recruit more distributors to sell their products and they also sell some via retail. For this reason, Kyäni is what’s call an MLM business (multi-level marketing). This model of business is inherently part of the reason people suspect that people raise the question: “Kyani… scam?”

About the Kyäni Distributor Plan

Kyäni trains distributors to recruit more distributors and then those distributors make part of the new distributors’ commission bonus. The cost of a distributor starter kit varies widely, depending which route you take.

  • Kyäni Starter Pack: $40.00
  • Kyäni Product Pack: $299.00
  • Kyäni Social Builder Pack: $599.00
  • Kyäni Social Premium Pack: $1,299.00

As expected, once you are “hooked”, they encourage and aggressively promote the social premium pack.

There are 17 ranks to the distribution plan.

  • Member
  • Distributor
  • Qualified Distributor
  • Garnet
  • Jade
  • Pearl
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Green Diamond
  • Purple Diamond
  • Red Diamond
  • Double Red Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Double Black Diamond

The only way you can really increase in rank is by recruiting more distributors. Distributors who reach the level of Jade within 31 calendar days are given a $100 bonus. Those who maintain that level receive $200 are two more months.

What is the Kyani Dream Car Program?

To entice customers to become distributors, Kyäni advertises their famous “Kyäni Drive Your Dream Car” bonus. There are two lofty requirements needed in order to be eligible for this: you must be at least the rank of a sapphire distributor and you must purchase a ticket to a sponsored Kyäni conference or convention. According to their own income statement, less than 2% of distributors even make it to the sapphire level. If you do qualify for the bonus, Kyäni pays the monthly payment towards the leasing of a car for you to drive. You may opt out of this and instead go for a monthly payment, though that monthly payment will be less than the equivalent that Kyäni covers on the car each month. The unlikely hope that this program will grant you a car is common among other MLM programs (see our Rodan and Fields Review) and is a major complaint among writers penning a Kyani review.

Kyani: Scam or Legitimate Money-Making Opportunity?

Don’t get us wrong, you can make money with Kyäni, otherwise, it would be a complete scam and wouldn’t be accredited by the BBB. That being said, it is highly unlikely that you will make more than a very small part-time income with Kyäni, and you do have to make an initial investment to get started. Also, the selling aspect for many people is difficult. Posting all over your social media accounts about Kyäni can become annoying to your friends and family (though it can also convert them into potential customers).

Are Kyani Products Good?

Kyäni’s actual products are not, in and of themselves scams, or necessarily bad products. In fact, many studies which look at blueberries as a source of nutrients have proven that they are in fact, a very healthy food choice. However, as many Kyani reviews online point out, they are overpriced. An alternative is to simply buy concentrated blueberry extract, it doesn’t have to be WILD Alaskan blueberry concentrate.

What Is The Kyani Back Office?

A common question that is asked regarding Kyani is, “What is the Kyani back office?” Ominous though it may sound, the Kyani back office is simply the section of the Kyani website that allows you to log-in to view various resources and documents offered to Kyani representatives. This includes a training library, a calendar of events, a customer database, and other functionality. The Kyani back office functions much in the same way as if you were to login to the backend of a typical e-commerce or social media website, but with additional resources provided by the company.


Many Kyani reviews complain that Kyäni originally seemed to promise more than it actually offers in terms of the business world. Other complaints, such as everything being focused on simply recruiting distributors, are not without some legitimacy. Overall, if there is a single takeaway to think of as a result of reading our Kyani review, we advise caution when participating in any multi-level marketing programs. With most MLM companies (Kyani included) it might be possible to create a income if you’re an early adopter, with each individual that you recruit, you are generating a competitor in the market. A fundamental problem that cannot be avoided.

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